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They call me Charlie. Im 18, a Leo, and currently living in AZ, previously in the beautiful state of Colorado. On my blog you'll find cats, drugs, nature, Skins, weed, tattoos, and members of the cervidae family (things with antlers), and whatever else peaks my fancy.

I'm shy with strangers but once you get to know me I'll never be quiet. I'm an avid horseback rider, pot smoker, and sleeper. I'm a pacifist, a Christian who's trying to heal her broken faith, and overall a girl who's simply lost. Trust me I'm going through my own personal hell so don't be afraid to message me for anything, even if it's just to vent.

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"i hate you.
no seriously.
i really fucking hate you.
i wish i could rail a line thicker than your dense personality
so maybe i can get all of the shit you caused out of my head.
i hate you.
you make me want to bring this addiction back
and it’s not like i didn’t already miss the drugs.
fuck you.
you took from me.
you stole from me.
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i can’t say it enough how much i despise your very existence.
and for fucks sake if you read this don’t you dare romanticize this.
this is not about lost love or any of that bullshit.
it’s called slam poetry for a reason.
because i wish i could slam your face into a brick wall.
i wish i had enough
pain killers
to get rid of you forever.
fucking give me crystal meth if that’s what it takes
to get you out of my head.
it’s not like i already wasn’t going through hell.
give me drugs.
give me drugs.
give me drugs.
i can’t breathe.
i hate you."

- i’m getting bad again. my hands are shaking. ibetyoushebangslikeafairyonacid


i wanna be a writer but everything i write sucks and never makes any sense but whatever

Were dabbin Dabbin dabbin dabbin I wanna dab it wit you


I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.


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So one time, one of my guy friends said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight but I’ve never slept with a man so how do I know for sure if I’m not bisexual or gay” and so he actually went and picked up a guy, had sex with him and after ward he said, “Well that was fun but I appear to be straight.” and just went on with his life without making a big deal about his dip into homosexuality and really, I think everybody should be this relaxed about sexualities

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Skins Blog

Skins Blog

You weren’t my addiction.
You were my rehabilitation.

You make me wanna chain smoke.

I was on fire and you used me to light your cigarette.

It all started the night you gave me your last marlboro red.
Ever since then I couldn’t get you out of my head.